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Fast Shipping!
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Item # max-6200
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Max Burton Induction cooktop #6200 - Special Purchase

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Sale Price: $69.99

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

This innovative and upgraded Max Burton 6200 induction cooktop is perfect for increasing the versatility and overall utility of any kitchen. It creates a secondary heating space for even cooking and reheating of foods in iron cookware. It also promotes stress-free monitoring of foods with a digital temperature and function display.

It is a wonderful device for cooking foods that are extremely temperature sensitive. This includes soup bases, creamy sauces, and candies. Though it is designed for home use, this Max Burton portable burner is also well-suited for labs, schools, events with catering needs, and vacation cabins. Our special Purchase allows us to offer these at well below market prices. Special Purchase Price While Supplies Last. 1-year Manufacturer Warranty included. An upgraded, stainless steel induction cooktop for the discriminating cook. Only the highest grade functions and design in a counter top model, for those who demand excellence.

Cooking with an induction cooktop is extremely fast and safe. With the push of a button the temperature changes instantly, just like cooking with gas, but without the open flame. The cook top stays cool except where it comes in contact with the pan, making this stove safer and keeps the kitchen cooler. Great for use in a busy restaurant kitchen, but may also be used in culinary schools, catered events, buffets, or in the home.

1800 Watts LED display 10 power levels Temperature range from 100F - 450F 180-minute timer Cookware detection sensor Overheat sensor Safe for young and old Induction rated cookware is required and easy to find. For a quick test, apply a magnet to your existing cookware. If it sticks it will work! If your cookware is not compatible, consider our #6010 Induction Interface Disk which allows you to use most cookware with an induction cooktop.

For more information about cooking with an induction cooktop and cookware requirements check out this link: Cooking With Induction