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Fast Shipping!
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ReadyQwik Premium Business Emergency Support Kit - 5 Employees

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

ReadyQwik Premium Business Emergency Support Kit - 5 Employees

A complete business preparedness solution. The items in this system are included due to the basis of real-life possible needs and for their reliability, compactness, simplicity of use and portability.

This ReadyQwik Premium Business Emergency Support Kit will care for 5 employees, it includes essentials such as water, food, sanitation, light, communication, first aid, warmth and more!

Ordering for a larger facility? This system is designed to be flexible and meet the needs of a larger company by simply ordering in multiples as needed. No Overlapping, No Waste!

If your business is located in an area where earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes are known to occur, they are condsidered a "foreseeable and known condition". Damages and injuries resulting from an earthquake striking your place of business are also "foreseeable". As such, your business can be held liable due to your inability to prepare for such an event.

Let us help you to BE PREPARED... Plan for your safety during an emergency. You've probably heard the old saying "Expect the Unexpected".

Most Disaster Assistance Plans developed by both civilian organizations and municipalities usually take about 3 days or more to get underway and begin giving assistance to those in need. That means that there is a good chance that you will have to be able to sustain yourself and your business for at least a few days after a major disaster or an emergency. BE PREPARED!

Join the hundreds of schools, apartment owners, renters, hotels, motels and small offices who have purchased our Emergency systems for their preparedness programs. These kits by their design are made to be placed just about anywhere and are portable and simple to use. They offer a quick and easy way for any business to be prepared.

This preparedness system, like all our emergency sytems, contain practical and real life products that will help keep you safe when a disaster strikes. Ideal for those businesses that are located in earthquake, hurricane, tornado, flood prone areas.

Businesses have a unique situation at hand when it comes to disaster preparedness. As a business owner you are responsible for the well-being of your employees and customers when they are on your property. Whether it be an office building, shopping mall or restaurant, you have a responsibility to protect employees and customers against known risks.

If your business is located in an area where earthquakes are known to occur, they are condsidered a "foreseeable and known condition". Damages and injuries resulting from an earthquake striking your place of business are also "foreseeable". As such, your business can be held liable due to your inability to prepare for such an event.

This system provides enough water containers for you to store for drinking and personal care. Containers are shipped emtpy, upon arrival it is recommend that you fill and store the containers in safe, cool area. Most tap water may be stored without rotation up to one year without bacterial growth.

The best answer in an emergency is meals-ready-to-eat, MREs are designed for long shelf lives while maintaining they’re nutritional quality, all contained in a simple, durable package. They require no preparation (no cooking required) and as such become the perfect solution as a survival food for any home or business emergency preparedness kit.

This system provides you with MRE meals that may be heated by placing in the sun, removing the contents and placing them in a microwave, conventional oven, or can be eaten cold if desired. MRE meals may be consumed directly from the pouch. MRE food pouches may be stored up to five years without rotation, ((Mre's may be stored for longer periods if stored in temperatures less than 65 degrees).

Part of your disaster preparations should include deciding where you and your employees are going to "go" if there is an interrution of your water supply. You can't flush toilets without water - which definitely has some negative connotations! For small businesses and apartment dwellers, communing with nature is not an option due to lack of privacy.

Finally a portable self-contained Sanitary toilet. Features a snap-on toilet seat & lid to hold bags in place. Holds up to a 350 pound person. Great for small and large businesses, and situations where other facilities are not available. A serious preparedness item.

In the event of a power failure caused by a natural disaster or other emergency, you will need to keep in touch with what is happening by monitoring the radio.

Take this dynamo radio with you anywhere, listen to your favorite tunes, the lastest weather alerts or light the way to safety! National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) 7 channel weatherband means you get the lastest local weather and alerts, plus this radio is weather resistant in case the weather turns on you!

Shelter & Protection:
Plastic sheeting offers the best versatile protection during or following a disaster. Clear plastic is provided so your can see which protected items that are under the plastic. Using the duct tape provided it can also be used to build an improvised shelter, ground cover, window, door, patch a roof, ponchos, boot covers, solar still and protect furniture, documents and essential items such as computers, phones and other sensitive communication equipment from water and weather damage.

A reflective blanket is essential when crisis strikes. The overall Warmth obtained from these blankets Can allay the effects of hypothermia. Don’t let unexpected emergencies leave you in the cold. knitted caps are an essential piece of gear for any disaster. A knit cap should be available for each person in the event of a disaster and is an essential item to be included all survival kits.

"PLEASE NOTE" Due to the Size, Weight, destination and shipping method chosen for this product, an additional UPS shipping fee may be incured and charged prior to shipment in addition to the standard shipping charge shown on your order confirmation.

The ReadyQwik Kit Will Care For 5 Employees

ReadyQwik Content:

(9) Cases of MRE Meals (Meals-Ready-To-Eat) (108 Total meals)
(5) Five Gallon Water Storage Containers with Spigots
(1) Portable Toilet Pail with Seat & Lid
(1) GPX Wind UP Weatherband AM/FM Radio with NOAA Alert
(1) Coleman® 4 D Cell Battery Powered Fluorescent Lantern
(5) D Cell Industrial Quality Flashlights
(12) D Cell (Duracell®)Alkaline Batteries (For Lantern & Flashlights)
(1) All Purpose First Aid Kits
(5) Thermal Reflective Blankets
(5) Knitted Caps
(15) Plastic Drinking Cups
(15) Paper Plates
(5) 3 Piece Polycarbonate Cutlery Set
(2) Pack of Water Purification Tablets
(4) Packs of 12 Heavy-duty Toilet Bags
(10) Large Heavy-Duty Black Plastic Bags
(1) Roll of Clear Plastic Sheeting
(4) Rolls of Biodegradable Toilet Paper
(1) Box of 100 Sanitizing Hand Wipes (Sani-Dex®)
(1) Box of 50 Sanitizing Surface Wipes (Sani-Cloth®)
(2) Boxes of Self-Dissolving Deodorant Packets (Bio-Blu®)
(1) Muli-Tool Pry Bar, Survival Axe
(1) Water & Gas Emergency Shut-Off Tool
(35) N95 Respirator Face Masks (Niosh Certified)
(5) Indirectly Vented Anti-Fog Safety Goggles
(1) Roll of Yellow Caution Tape
(1) 13-Function Pocket Knife
(2) Rolls of Duct Tape
(5) Pair of Leather Gloves