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Fast Shipping!
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ReadyQwikô - On the go Emergency Survival Kit

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

ReadyQwikô - On the go Emergency Survival Kit -

Killer storms, earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires and other disasters can leave you without power, water, heat, light and or shelter for several days! Your may have to leave your home or office at a moments notice. Protect yourself from thirst, hunger and the elements. This emergency survival kit is perfect for your car or easy store evacuation kit that provides you with essential supplies youíll need for your safety and survival.

The ReadyQwikô On the go Emergency Survival Kit is the perfect kit to have on hand in your vehicle in the event you find yourself and a passenger away from emergency services and on your own!

We assemble our kits with care and quality components!

The On the go Emergency Survival Kit, like all our emergency kits, contains practical and real life products that will help keep you safe when a disaster strikes. Ideal for home, small businesses or your car trunk/bed of your truck. The ReadyQwikô On the go Emergency Survival Kit is designed to ultilize the storage area that may be available in your vehicle or space in a closet or garage for easy quck access.

The ReadyQwikô On the go Emergency Survival Kit comes packed with all the essential supplies that you, your family or employees may need for one to two days in the event of a disaster. Great choice when a low-cost easily stored kit is needed for office buildings, classroom, university staff, airport employees, students, warehouse workers, etc.

Made of heavy-duty plastic, this box keeps its contents dry and protected from some of the most extreme environments! This military style ammo box is an excellent container for a field tool kit - since tools tend to poke or wear their way through drybags. These lockable field storage boxes are also useful for storing items you want to protect from being crushed inside lighterweight materials. Waterproof storage box.

This is the newest of our Survival kits and was selected to be the most durable Survival kit available on the market today. Each Sport Utility box comes prepacked with the following survival items:

1 - Set of Leather Work gloves 1 - Foldable 1 gallon water jug 1 - Emergency candle 1 - Glowstick 1 - Orange Stocking cap with reflective Ban 1 - Safety Wistle 1 - Garrity Sport Flashlight 1 - 10' Roll of Duct tape (Camo) 1 - Life Straw water filter by aquamire 1 - Slim punch window breakout tool 1 - Box of Storm matches 1 - Set of ear plugs 1 - Coleman 10 point compass / survival tool 1 - Roll of Floruesent Orange flagging Tape 1 - Emergency Blanket 1 - Multi Tool Magnetitc Screw Driver 1 - Poncho 1 - Auto first Aid Kit 1 - Campers Cup 1 - Campers Utinsil set 1 - package 500' Paracord 1 - Falcon safety Horn (mini) 1 - Survival bandana with knot instructions. 6 - Millennial Survival Food Bars. 1 - Large Sprot Utility Dry Box